The Sorhaburu House

The Sorhaburu House is a small medieval castle inland of the Basque Country. With passion and love, it has been transformed into a guesthouse with its “table” and as a center for workshops and event hosting. It offers a warm and welcoming environment for your holidays and is the place to be for personal or professional projects.  
  • Histoire

    Sorhaburu seems to mean “at the end or the limit of the field” although on several occasions we have been informed that “fool’s head” could also be a valid translation of this Basque name. This noble house has been documented since 1249 and is constructed on the foundations of an old fortified castle of the 13th century. At this day 2 buildings from the 15th and 16th century form the actual house. Throughout history it has been a place for customs and taxes, a hospice and the official house representing regionally the powers of the Kingdom of Navarre.
  • Rénovations

    Completely invaded by ivy, the house has been saved in 2005 by Claude and Eric, two lovers of history. It was thanks to their courage that the walls were recuperated, the windows reopened and that a roof put all to dry. In 2012, our team started the rehabilitation of the saved ruin. Our enthusiasm combined with the expertise of local craftsmen and the help of old and new friends from all over the world has enabled us to combine  charm and know-how of old construction techniques with comfort of actual and ecological solutions.